Jennifer Taylor is a writer, editor, and book critic currently living in Georgia. Most of her life has been spent moving from place to place, as evidenced by the fact that she has moved 35 times. She has a list to back up her claim, which is available upon request.

Jennifer’s favorite city is Chicago where she lived for five years. Over that time, she moved from five different neighborhoods with the help of a man named Roy who owns a small moving business and charges $200 per move. (Roy doesn’t have a website, so don’t try to find him). He became so accustomed to hearing from Jennifer that he commented on each new residence as either being better or worse than the last one. She found her niche in the Ukrainian Village with a colorful cast of characters including a 70-something woman who pruned her grass with scissors while clad in a bikini, and a former day trader turned motorized rickshaw owner, both of whom have been chronicled in Jennifer’s essays.