About Jennifer

Jennifer is an acquisitions editor for Leapfrog Press, an independent publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

She has been a book critic for Publishers Weekly for over five years. Her book reviews appear in Bookslut and Fiction Writers Review.

Her freelance writing had appeared in a variety of publications including Atlanta Business Magazine, Chic Galleria, Chicago Sun-Times, H2O Magazine, Inkling Magazine, Mother Nature Network, Pittsburgh Magazine, Savannah Magazine, The Charleston Review, The Piedmont Review, The South Magazine, The Sunday Paper, and additional regional magazines.

Jennifer's fiction has appeared in Poetry/Interview/Fiction, Shaking Literature and Southern Women's Review.

She is a freelance manuscript evaluator. She enjoys working with writers on their novels. A previous position in the publishing field was with Author Solutions.

Jennifer is a co-founding editor of damselfly press, an award-winning online literary journal devoted to publishing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction written by women. The website is http://www.damselflypress.net. She is also a reader for Tin House Magazine.

She received her BA in Communication with a double major in English Literature from Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, IN.

After slogging away in Corporate America for an undetermined amount of time (she either lost track under the fluorescent lighting, or years slipped by while she was sitting on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago), she received her MFA in Creative Writing with a double concentration in Fiction and Nonfiction from Chatham University in Pittsburgh.

She is the 2008 recipient of the Alumnae Graduate Cornerstone Award for Writing from Chatham.